Host Your Corporate Event at the Oil Ranch

Corporate events help build camaraderie among employees. When planning your corporate event at the Oil Ranch, our event planners can help you pick the best activities for your team and create a timeline that will allow your company to make the most of the experience.

Types of Events

At the Oil Ranch, there are two types of events commonly hosted by companies. An appreciation event allows participants to spend time with one another in an informal environment. This event could be geared toward employees or clients, allowing management to show their gratitude. Team-building events, the Oil Ranch’s other most common corporate event, build on a company’s strengths while boosting employee confidence and morale. 


For your corporate event, there are many activities available for your guests to participate in. For team building activities, we recommend hanging out at our softball fields, basketball courts and volleyball courts. We also have sack races and a tug-of-war rope for competitive employees. If you have a larger company, consider having departments play against each other for fun and friendly competition. 


On the day of your corporate event, your team has exclusive access to our private covered pavilion area where guests can refresh with unlimited lemonade, iced tea, water, popcorn and sno-cones. This is also where a buffet-style meal will be served. Our event planners will help determine the best menu for your group and ensure the meal is served on time.

employees enjoying corporate event

Optional Services

In addition to our various activities, the Oil Ranch also offers optional services to enhance the event. A karaoke or DJ can excite guests and keep the party going all day long. Photo booths allow guests to remember their time at the event by letting them take something home with them. Other optional services include a dunking booth, face painter, drink services and a rock climbing wall. 

Ready to plan your next corporate event? Contact our skilled event planners today.

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